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    Jiasian District logo

    • The spirit of this township emblem is unity, harmony, and sharing of prosperity; the specialty of Jiasian, “taro” is used as the symbol, with a triangle representing the Three Principals of the People – democracy, morality and science, which signifies the sharing of prosperity.
    • The yellow-circle represents the Southern Cross-Island Highway encircling this township, turning this township into the mountain city of tourism, as well as symbolizing the earnest and sincere unity with a bright future ahead.
    • Green-leaf represents the harmonious tranquility, where people shared together in peace.
    • Yellowish green-grass field is the Jiasian basin, symbolizing the township filled with rural sentiment and infinite hope
    • White symbolizes Jiasia, the unsophisticated nature of the villagers.
    •     Brown symbolizes the product of endeavor.