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About Jiasian

  • Jiasian Township is located at the northeast end of Kaohsiung County, separated from Liouguei Township by the watershed of Yushan Mountain Range at the east, bordering Shanlin Township at the south, adjacent Sanmin Township at the north, and neighboring Tainan County's Nanhua Township by the watersheds of Dawushan and Neiwushan. The Township, situated at a height of 252.06 meter above the sea level (No. 428 mark point in front of the Jiasian Elementary School at Sian Village of Jiasian Township), spans 5.3km in the east-west direction and stretches to 22.61km in the north-south direction. The Siaolin fault forms the long and narrow Nanjihsian Creek, which crosses through the Township, Shanlin Township, Cishan Township, and Laonong Creek and converges into the Gaoping River. The full area of the township is 124.0340square kilometers.

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